a Very Big Week

My loves,

We are about to head into a Very Big Week here at Icon For Hire incorporated. Our album, the one that you helped us make, is coming out 12 short days and to be honest, I’m a little nervous about all the Stuff we need to do. There’s a lot that has to happen to make sure everything goes smoothly. This is our first album release as an independent band, and we want to be completely perfect, and yet of course we will forget something or screw something up and disappoint somebody and it’s just a lot to keep track of. As an artist, I tent to want to just focus on all the fun art making, but part of the job description is doing the grown up non-glamorous stuff too. Even if it can be overwhelming, it is an honor to have an album to release at all, and I am ever mindful of this as we head into launch week.


I arrived home from tour this afternoon to see 6 huge boxes piled waist high on my doorstep. They are filled with a few thousand cardboard mailers that we will be assembling, so your CDs arrive in one piece, and not broken or cracked. Later this week, we will be hand numbering, signing, and shipping out all your CDs. We will print your shipping labels and stuff the cardboard mailers. We will hold each CD in our hands and be thankful that we got to make a 3rd album, and that there are real people like you who are waiting for it. Yes- this is such a precious week. Because it almost didn’t happen. We could have been taken out by T&N, and right now we could be dutifully working at Starbucks, along with so many of our Nashville musician friends. 


But instead, we’ll be doing magazine interviews and Facebook live marathons and an online acoustic show with our badass fan club. We will be celebrating the victory of You Can’t Kill Us. It can sometimes be a bit nerve racking doing everything so DIY (do-it-yourself), but then I remember we are in no way doing it by ourselves…. We’re D-I-W-O-A-F-W-A-H-O-B (Doing It With Our Amazing Fans Who Always Have Our Back).

Thanks for everything.

We made this album with you, and for you.




PS-If you haven’t pre-ordered your album yet, you’ll want to do it now if you’d like it shipped out this week;) iconforhire.net/store